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If we’re talking about horticultural leadership, no doubt that you will end up in the Netherlands. Heart of horticultural business is the Westland, where a large part of Holland’s 12,000 hectares of glass covered greenhouses is located. Right there, in the center, you will find Loomans Consultancy & Supplies, who fulfills a pioneer role in the international business of agri- & horticulture.

Agri- & horticulture is big business. Apart from the technical innovations and production improvements, the economical, energy supply and marketing changes are numerous. Loomans specialism is, to keep track of all of the changes and innovations for already several decades. Loomans knows the business and will provide the essential know-how and supplies needed to ensure you will realize the maximum return with the most suitable equipment.

Latest news

Organic greenhouse – Boulazac (France)

With OTV–Toulouse (VEOLIA) Loomans installed a roof top greenhouse on the sewer water treatment tanks. Purpose: reducing odor pollution from the sewer water treatment process. Operational since May 2015.