Loomans knows the horticultural business inside out. Loomans is a reliable and independent consultant on the multitude of technical, economical, managerial, architectural, logistical and marketing aspects of the growers business. Loomans provides professional and practical advice and knows how to manage projects in agri- and horticulture. The package contains: design, engineering, calculations, drawings, studies, research, training and so on. Not only for new projects but also for the reconstruction or extension of your existing facilities and operations.


• Feasibility studies
• Company analyses and strategic policy making
• Environmental and crop consultancy
• Marketing (research and analyses)


Construction and technical
• General project design, planning and orientation
• Greenhouse design and engineering
• Mechanical installations (screening, irrigation, heating, etc.)
• Electrical installations (climate computer control, co-generating, artificial lighting, etc.)
• Internal transport and logistics
• Automatic crop handling, selecting packaging systems
• Complete project control from design till test and commissioning