Apart from providing the essential know-how, Loomans is serving the commercial and amenity sectors of the agri- & horticulture as supplier. As we do not manufacture or produce ourselves we are able to achieve the very best in terms of product offer, availability, cost price and delivery, based on your specific requirements.


Based in the heart of the Dutch horticulture Loomans has access to a wide range of manufactures for any product you need. A short list of the earlier supplied products:


• Greenhouses, covered with glass, foil or any other synthetics
• Tunnel and/or screen houses
• Heating systems
• Irrigation systems
• Climate control systems
• Screen or day-light control systems
• Grow and Grow-light systems
• Seeds fertilizers, pots, trays, etc
• Internal transport, containers, lorries etc..
• Spare parts or single components for any of the above systems
• Used greenhouse facilities and equipment with guarantee